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Friday, May 8, 2015 - 02:16
Cost drivers to be exposed

Dr Konji Sebati, CEO for the Innovative Pharmaceutical Association of SA (IPASA), has urged members of the healthcare industry to set aside their differences “in order to work together for the benefit of all South Africans. The finger-pointing and blaming among stakeholders within the private healthcare sector needs to stop,” she says.

More recently, Dr Bobby Ramasia, principal executive officer of Bonita’s Medical Fund, commented that the ‘misalignment’ of healthcare stakeholders’ agendas is a major private healthcare cost driver. He too called for an end to the finger-pointing, which has dominated the healthcare industry.
IPASA was established in April 2013 to create a “credible, respected association” to engage with stakeholders in both the private and public sectors. It comprises 25 pharmaceutical companies that are research based. IPASA focuses on building an environment for “sustainable access to innovative research-based healthcare.”
Sebati says the association believes if other healthcare stakeholders shared Ramasia’s view, the private healthcare sector would be more robust and better positioned to assist Government in its drive to improve the country’s healthcare system.
“The concerns of both the public and private healthcare sectors need to be collectively addressed, including those relating to private healthcare cost escalations, if we are ever to find sustainable solutions that would enable increased access to quality healthcare,” adds Sebati.
The Competition Commission Inquiry into Health, which is currently underway, was set in motion by the Minister of Health to establish, among others, cost drivers in the private healthcare sector. She says IPASA welcomes this inquiry, which she is confident will reveal the true cost drivers in the private healthcare system. “Hopefully, this should end the fragmentation in the industry and enable us to move forward positively; building a solid foundation for our nation’s healthcare system into the future.”

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