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Friday, August 1, 2008
Investment opportunity

After 12 years with Business & Arts South Africa, ceo Nicola Danby has moved to the Artinsure board in July.

Artinsure MD, Gordon Massie, says, it is a real advantage to have attracted a person with  such knowledge and credibility in the art world.
“Her expertise should continue to benefit collectors in significant ways.”
Artinsure, in partnership with Hollard Insurance, is South Africa’s only specialist art, antiques and memorabilia insurer. “Recent record sales in the South African and international art world confirm that art continues on its impressive rise as an investment class for individuals as well as for corporates,” he adds.
Danby should place Artinsure in an even stronger position as a specialist insurer to respond to the escalating needs of South African collectors who need similar services to those available globally.
“Art continues to be a sought after investment opportunity with global records continually tumbling at the high end of the market. A couple of weeks ago Christie’s generated the largest ever sales volume posted at a European auction of US $284 million. Respected art market observers conclude that art investments perform better when stock markets are under pressure.”

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