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Sunday, June 1, 2008
An eye for detail

Law and tax are very complicated affairs, made worse by the constant and sometimes confusing amendments. Fortunately there is a company in Cape Town, IHS SA (Pty) Ltd, (which used to stand for Information Handling Services) that provides enormous help through its publication the Business Blue-Book of South Africa. At over 2,5kgs and running to some 1120 pages it is indeed a weighty tome, and it will cost you R1 095.00 (inc VAT and postage) if you want it with the additional CD-ROM (Book only version costs R795.00). The price includes supplementary information supplied from time to time to keep things as up-to-date as possible.

The whole book is on the CD so you can ‘take the book anywhere with you’, then browse, search and print any of its pages from your PC. The files include useful hyperlinks.
The book is intended to give professional people and business executives an annual standard work of reference that helps them organise their affairs in a legal and efficient manner. The publishers are quick to point out that the Blue-Book is not an ‘ultimate authority’ but a reliable point of first reference. It has been published annually since 1939 when it took over from Laite’s Commercial Blue-Book, which was itself first published in 1914. There are almost 50 contributors to the work now, which is endorsed by the Confederation of Employers of Southern Africa.
The Blue-Book will serve as a constant reliable reference to small, medium and ever large businesses on such wide-ranging topics as corporate governance, basic employment conditions, labour relations, intellectual property, exchange control, export procedures, unemployment insurance, insolvency, HIV/AIDS in the workplace, black economic empowerment, compensation for occupational injury, occupational health and safety, sectoral determinations, company and close corporation legislation, skills development, electronic transactions, property transactions, income tax, capital gains tax, employment equity, business and the environment, credit agreements, and incentives for business. Some of the additional material included is sample letters, customs tariffs, population figures and local government information.
A quick scan of the comprehensive index reveals further insight into the book’s detailed subject matter, for example: unfair business practices, temporary residence permits, bargaining council agreements, hazardous chemical substances, matrimonial property, liquidation statistics and the National Credit Act.
You can find out more at www.bbbsa.co.za where the book can be ordered online; or call them on (021) 671 1140 ext 230.

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