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Motor Insurance
Monday, May 11, 2015 - 02:16
Crime on the rise

Recently there has been an increasing number of remote blocking incidents taking place across the country. The risk concerns the method criminals use to interfere with a car's central locking system in such a way to trick the vehicle owner into thinking his vehicle is properly locked.

For example, Criminals can block a car’s remote signal by pressing down on a gate remote at the same time the car owner presses down on his immobiliser to activate the car alarm and the central locking. Most car and gate remotes operate on the same frequency, making it easier for criminals to interfere with the signals. In this way a driver may be under the impression he has locked his car while in fact he hasn’t.
Due to the increase in incidents of remote blocking, Mutual and Federal says it will cover items stolen from unoccupied motor vehicles, even if there are no visible signs of forced entry, provided certain conditions are met. These are:
• Items must have been specified;
• The pay-out shall not exceed 75% of the value of the item;
• There is a maximum compensation amount of R10 000 for any one event; and,
• The excess will be 10% of the value of claims. 

Below are some tips on how to protect yourself from this sneaky vehicle crime trick:
• Do not to leave any valuables in your vehicle. If there are any, do not leave them in a place they are easily visible, but rather in a locked boot or compartment;
• Do not rely on sound alone and assume that the vehicle is locked and alarm is armed. Ensure rather that you watch the vehicle lock whilst listening to hear for the distinctive “bleep”;
• Before walking away from the vehicle, physically check the door handle to make sure the vehicle is locked;
• Park as close to the entrance of the shopping centre as possible where there tends to be more people and general activity;
• Be aware of suspicious individuals lingering around the parking area.

Mutual & Federal encourages drivers to stay alert and vigilant for any suspicious activities at all times as this could save money, frustration and even lives.

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