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Consumer Affairs
Friday, December 1, 2006
Trusted markup

The Automobile Association has launched AA Autobay as a trusted marketplace for consumers to buy and sell their pre-owned vehicles on a private basis. It hopes to make buying and selling of vehicles a more convenient, reliable and inexpensive experience.

“The current pre-owned market has been tainted by horror stories of large commissions, low trade-ins, stolen/written off vehicles and vehicles that appear to be fine but have major technical faults,” comments Stephen de Blanche, chief operations officer of AA Autobay. “There are obviously a number of reputable dealers in the market, but even so consumers have to be aware of the risks.
“Buyers of pre-owned vehicles also face difficulty getting finance as most banks are reluctant to lend for a private deal. For sellers there is a risk of being targeted by criminals wanting to steal their vehicle,” he adds.
“Both buyers and sellers also lose a significant amount of value when trading pre-owned vehicles via a dealership – sometimes as much at 20%.”
AA Autobay, however, allows buyers and sellers to bypass the dealerships and therefore put a lot more value into their pocket. The service removes the risk and hassle from the process; and, provide easy access to affordable finance.
AA Autobay also offers a comprehensive range of vehicle related insurance solutions, as well as other vehicle related services that enhance the value of the private sale.
“We will be offering fat free deals,” says Mr de Blanche. “By this we mean that there are no commissions to third parties, no hidden costs, no early settlement penalties to lock you in and absolute transparency around all our terms and conditions.”
For its part the AA provides a technical report on the vehicle, covering 70 components; check that the vehicle is not stolen or previously written-off; take care of the paperwork, and offer finance and insurance; and, facilitate a test drive in a safe and convenient environment. To learn more, please visit www.aaautobay.co.za

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