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Retirement Planning
Monday, January 18, 2016 - 17:35
Expert advice crucial

In the uncertain and volatile world in which we live, protecting one’s wealth, growing it and finding security and peace of mind often seem to pose significant challenges, especially when it comes to retirement and inheritance planning.

International Retirement Plans

Craig Featherby of Carrick Wealth, says, “International retirement plans or private pension schemes that are set up with a trust deed are another option when planning for your retirement. Depending on your requirements and goals, an international retirement plan may be a better option than a trust, or vice versa. Therefore, once again, expert financial advice is crucial.”
For South African tax residents, international retirement plans offer excellent wealth consolidation in a secure environment protected against currency erosion and political or economic shocks.
By consolidating your money in an international retirement plan you will have:
• Flexible benefit options,
• Tax neutrality,
• Tax flexibility,
• Currency protection,
• A secure investment environment
• International mobility, and
• Your asset is exempt from all the costs and red-tape involved in winding up a deceased estate.

Most of all, money becomes available to your beneficiaries immediately upon death as there is no probate applicable
You can read more about international retirement plans at www.carrick-wealth.com or call (021) 201 1000 for more information.

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