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Sunday, February 1, 2004
Added value

Mutual & Federal says its towing service, launched last April in the greater Johannesburg area, is “proving a huge success.”

Keith Kennedy, Executive General Manager for Claims at Mutual & Federal, says, “The feedback has been very positive, with a marked increase in the number of policyholders making use of the service.” Even drivers at the scene of an accident, who are not policyholders, receive assistance and advice from towing partners First Road Emergency.
Towing services are usually regarded as the weak link in the vehicle accident and repair process, something Mutual & Federal and First Road Emergency hope to change.
“The most important aim of the project is to give policyholders peace of mind. This can only be done by taking full control of the whole accident, towing and vehicle repair process,” explains Mr Kennedy. “Too often, vehicles are towed to panelbeaters who do not have an agreement with Mutual & Federal. The result is poor service and sub-standard workmanship, which can result in policyholders having to cover some of the costs themselves.
“By only making use of reliable and professional service providers, Mutual & Federal hopes to eliminate the unnecessary costs, and these savings can then be passed on to our policyholders,” he says.
First Road Emergency is South Africa’s biggest towing operator and evidently can reach any accident scene in Gauteng within four minutes. The quality service offered by the company since the launch in April has been so good that the project has now been extended to the West, East and South Rand of Johannesburg, and Pretoria,” he adds.
M&F has put together a code of conduct to which all First Road Emergency drivers comply. All vehicles carry the same range and quality of equipment; and the firm’s drivers also uphold their own company’s code of conduct and corporate image.
First Road Emergency’s vehicles are easily identifiable by the Mutual & Federal decal but should policyholders feel the need, they can contact the Swiftcare call centre on 0800 24 7 365 to verify the vehicle and the driver. Mutual & Federal is also planning on providing policyholders with stickers which can be placed in the back window of their vehicle to make it easier for First Road drivers to identify them in the event of an accident.

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