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November 2007
A pain in the....

Of all the bowel disorders, Crohn’s disease is perhaps the best known.
It mainly involves inflammation of the ileum, the lower portion of the small intestine, which becomes thick¬ened, scarred and rigid,...

November 2007
Loss adjustment

Deneys Reitz on insurance case law: Mutual and Federal Insurance Co Ltd v Chemalum (Pty) Ltd 2007

The appellant insured the respondent in terms of a Multimark III insurance policy for loss following...

November 2007
Of tulips and bubbles

One night Uncle Maury suggested to the Putterer that perhaps he had planted the bulbs upside down and would have to go to China to see his tulips.  Allan Sherman, American musician, parodist, satirist, and...

November 2007
Aligning one’s interests

Picture the following scenario. You are an investor in ABC Fund, an equity unit trust fund managed by Manager X. After having invested in it for a year, one of the following three outcomes occur:


November 2007
Old links die hard

If you’re a confused investor it’s probably because you’re following the wrong investment trends. The problem for the typical saver-investor is that old linkages no longer apply to the same extent, says Paul Hansen,...

November 2007
All in the yield

On retirement your investment needs change from capital growth to income. But this should not mean that you should sell all your shares and stick the cash in a fixed deposit account, warns Sunel Veldtman, director at...

November 2007
Morons unite

I sometimes wonder just how much more dumbing down we need in South Africa. It is not just the skills shortage and the numbers emigrating, it is also the general deterioration in services because people don’t seem to...

November 2007
House of cards

The so-called ‘US Sub-prime’ market finally did what is was expected to do, starting mid-2007: bring good old-fashioned credit failure, coupled to stress-testing leveraged universes.
Comments Cees...

November 2007
Keep going

While a business may be out of operation after a disaster such as extensive fire damage, there are still fixed costs that require payment. Staff costs, leases and general running costs do not halt while a business is...

November 2007
Do the math

Home owners should take Capital Gains Tax (CGT) into account, as this is one of the most important stages to consider before putting a property up for sale.

South African legislation stipulates that any...

November 2007
Wider scope

The draft Revenue Laws Amendment Bill 2007 proposes significant amendments to the secondary tax on companies (STC).. These involve an expansion as to the scope of distributions that will be subject to STC and a...

November 2007
Clarity in the detail

Ernst & Young believes the global insurance industry could capitalise on its successful introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). But the more comprehensive reports have to be made easy...

November 2007
Time to go shopping

Crime will continue to increase in SA until crime does not pay. Government has to take steps to make crime less profitable than other ways of earning a living. Economic incentives and disincentives must be brought to...

November 2007
Worthwhile cost

Short-term insurers are required to hold capital equal to 25% of their net written premiums under current legislation. But this is a very simplistic approach and does not take into account the underlying risk profile...

November 2007
Circular rules

In the aftermath of the Fidentia scandal, trustees may feel uncertain of their ability to avoid unscrupulous financial service companies. While this is largely an issue of trust, well-considered application of the...

November 2007
Figure it out

The aim is to render Headline Earnings more consistent across companies

One of the main uses of headline earnings in South Africa is in the calculation of a consistent price-earnings ratio (P/E). Since...

November 2007
More advice?

With private healthcare costs currently in the spotlight, commissions earned by brokers operating in the industry have been highlighted as an area of particular concern, observes Raymond Byrne, CEO of Luasa. “There...

November 2007
Private plunder

According to the 2007 Annual Report of the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS), escalating costs in healthcare have been identified as a key threat to the sustainability of the medical schemes industry and to the...

November 2007
Policy decision

The insurance industry will undoubtedly welcome a recent South African judicial interpretation of the expression “unforeseen and sudden” which has, at last, brought clarity to the expression, since it is often...

November 2007
Rules of the aerosol

There’s a great deal of time lag at airports these days, especially if you plan to travel overseas. Since that evil moment that gripped the World – perhaps second only to the assassination of President John F Kennedy...

November 2007
Being monitored

In a clever twist to the idea of tracking motor vehicles nicked by grubby misfits, Tracker and the SAPS have recovered a pile of televisions and other electronic appliances worth almost R1-million.


November 2007
Home chops

Tracker and Western Cape police recently discovered what officials believe may well be South Africa’s first vehicle chop shop disguised as a house.
The discovery occurred after Tracker personnel and the...

November 2007
Going viral

A recent newsletter from PC Hell.com confirms what many of us have suspected all along — that a vast number of Electronic Greetings Cards contain viruses and most should be considered ‘dangerous’. For example, in a...

November 2007
Controlling the zones

Last month we set up an ADSL Router, which has built in firewall security. While useful for controlling browsing behaviour and limiting port activity, we still need additional firewall protection to control program...

November 2007
Pixels and dots

People are very excited about using their email, not only to communicate with friends, business colleagues and those in their particular trade, but also to send documents, presentations and photographs.


November 2007
Needing clarity

Public road transporters should tighten up their indemnity clauses if they do not want to be held liable for injury to passengers.

This warning comes from Prè Prinsloo of Shepstone & Wylie Attorneys...

November 2007
Some homely advice

Many entrepreneurs seem unaware of the need to inform their insurer when they begin using their vehicle for business purposes.

Lourens Joubert, Head of Commercial Underwriting at Santam says, “Whether you...

November 2007
Fishing expedition

The level and sophistication of so-called ‘phishing activity’ is gaining such momentum that banks are hard-pressed to keep their clients protected. A visit to any bank site will provide details about these activities...

November 2007
Better check

Life companies reported a drastic reduction in the number of fraudulent insurance claims, down to 654 for the first half of this year from the 1 651 claims discovered the same period last year. Alarmingly, however,...

November 2007
Grave mistake

A vehicle thief was arrested after Tracker and the SAPS tracked a stolen vehicle to a cemetery in Mamelodi East, Pretoria.

The man was found inebriated, sleeping behind the wheel of the stolen car and was...

November 2007
Model of convenience

Santam says it has introduced a new Broker Management Model designed to provide a single point of contact for its brokers with “seamless transaction capability”.

The model relies on the use of Key Account...